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Deftones – Koi No Yokan

Soundgarden – Screaming Life

Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes

Vista Chino – Peace


If Guns N’ Roses Come Back, Could They Still Deliver The Goods?

“As Long As We Are Amplified, We Are Not Terrorised”: A Musician’s Response To The Paris Terror Attacks


UG Picks: Five Awesome Guitars For Under $500

UG Picks: Best Beginner Guitars For Under $200

UG Picks: Five Pedals That Every Guitar Player Should Own

UG Picks: Five Best Guitar Amps For Under $150


Jason Newsted: “I Had To Keep The Music Going In Order To Keep My Balance”

Mick Wall: “If Rockstars Are Superheroes, The Truth Is Kryptonite”

Jared James Nichols: “You Can’t Let Your Ego Get In Front Of What’s Really Important, And That’s The Music



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