King King Interview

king king interview.jpgI recently had the pleasure of sitting down with King King‘s Alan Nimmo to talk about the band’s excellent new album Exile & Grace. You can check out the full interview here and my review of the album here.

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Sequelisers Season 2, Episode 2 – Blues Brothers 2000

Blues Brothers 2000 for website.jpg

The second episode of Sequelisers – the podcast about fixing bad sequels to good movies – is now available. In this edition, we’re tackling the travesty that was Blues Brothers 2000 and seeing what we can do to fix it!

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More Weird Star Wars Figures!

An undisclosed amount of time ago in some place or other….

Ashens and I are back reviewing Star Wars figure oddities. This time we’re looking at some of the weirdest inclusions in the perennially popular Star Wars toy line.

There are sculpts that don’t resemble characters; bizarre pack-in accessories; mind-boggling action features and even a character so obscure, he wasn’t actually in Star Wars…

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Black Country Communion BCCIV Album Review

Black Country Communion For Website
My review of the excellent new Black Country Communion album, BCCIV, is now online at Ultimate Guitar.

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Sequelisers Returns: Predator 2 Episode is Live!

Predator 2 Website

Sequelisers returns! The podcast about fixing bad sequels to good movies is back, and this time we’re tackling Predator 2. How do we fix it? Listen below to find out.

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Still processing the news that the almighty Chris Cornell died yesterday.

Hearing the thunderous power of his voice on “Jesus Christ Pose” at the tender age of 13 was one of the most impacting musical moments of my young life: it made me want to sing rock music, not just listen to it.

I had the pleasure of seeing Soundgarden at Hyde Park on their 2012 reunion tour. The moment the heavens opened during the “wash away the rain” line of “Black Hole Sun” sticks in my mind, as well as the absolutely incendiary rendition of “4th of July” that closed the main set. It was a powerhouse show, and the knowledge that we’ll never see its like again makes me very said indeed.

RIP Chris Cornell. Thanks for helping me find my voice.

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Sequelisers Image

Sequelisers, the film podcast I’ve been working on with Stuart Ashen, Matt Stogdon, Tom Martin and Jack Chambers made its debut last week.

In the first episode, the Sequelisers tackle Jaws 2, pitching two alternative versions of the film that aim to outdo the underwhelming original.

So far, the response to the podcast has been phenomenal, with the show reaching #2 in the iTunes TV and Film podcast chart.

Find out more on the Sequelisers website, and tune in next Tuesday for episode 2, where we reimagine Robocop 2!

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