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Alec Plowman is a journalist, academic and musician with a passion for quality writing.

Currently producing reviews, features and interviews for Ultimate Guitar (the world’s largest guitar website), his work has also appeared in publications including Record Collector, Powerplay, The Eastern Daily Press, The Bucks Herald, Dotted Music, Rhythm Circus, OneFourSeven and Tight But Loose: The Led Zeppelin Magazine. He is also a capable copywriter and blog writer with PR experience

In 2017, Alec was awarded his doctorate by the University of East Anglia. His PhD thesis – “From Top of the Pops to Woodstock: Mediatisations of Rock Music Liveness 1967-1973″ – was fully funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Presently, he is adapting a chapter of his thesis on the emergence of the live rock album into a journal article.

Alongside his journalistic and academic endeavours, Alec is a keen musician. He’s the frontman of Norwich based hard rockers Monster City, who released their debut EP in early 2015, with a live album forthcoming. In the past, he has recorded albums with Milton Keynes classic rock revivalists Tombstone Bullets as well as his solo band, Alec Plowman and the Evolution.

Outside of music, he is also an eager podcaster. Alongside Stuart Ashen, Matthew Stogdon, Jack Chambers and Tom Martin, he co-produces The Sequelisers, the show that fixes bad sequels to good movies. Sequelisers is due to premiere in May 2017.

The proud father of twin girls, he’s grateful for suggestions on child-proofing his record collection.


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